Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Goldstream Park ~ Part 1 Senic shots

Goodmorning everyone!! Well this morning I wasn't about to give up all the goods with the Goldstream post. I had such a lovely collection of pictures that I thought I would post images in fazes. First I wanted to give you a glimpse of how beautiful Goldstream park is. Allot of families go out for picnics, hikes, walks and they love the Nature house where the children can go and listen to a story about nature. Very popular area. My shots though are not of the populated areas, I tend to hike into a world all it's own to show how tranquil things really are and can be. These shots are from different locations of the stream itself. During our rainy season these banks flood and are quickly filled with spawning salmon...which attracts all kinds of wild life including the Bald Eagle...I'm going to go out when this happens to try and capture this wonderful event, even though the smell is something to be desired. The Bald Eagles actually will sit on a dead fish and will stay there while they eat...which as you know is a great opportunity to get that wonderful shot!!


  1. Well, Crista, I think you managed your dreamy water pictures. Lovely shots. Looks idyllic.

    Your mention of the smell reminded me that the past few days the villages has been visited with what my mother called 'fresh country smells' - the farmers had been muck spreading and the wind was blowing in our direction!

  2. These remind me of Great Smokies in Tennessee. Wished I lived close enough to something like this to photograph it. Very very nice.

  3. Ummmmm John...Oh dear and great Scott!!! I don't think I would be appriciating the ahhhh fresh country smells wafting into my home... I hope that it blows over so to speak soon...

    Carol ~ Thank you I'm really lucky here on the Island we have a very large and diverse ecosystems here. Nice for nature photographers.

  4. Hi Crista,thanks for your kind words.
    Love your fresh Images,they look so real.
    Outstanding Photography.

  5. Hi Crista,
    This is the first visit for me on your blog, thanks to Ian, and I'm happy I visited it. This water scenery pictures are wonderful and well composed. Well done. I'll definitively come back!!

  6. John ~ I've tried to find a solution to your problem, I'm afraid I've been not very successful :( Sorry I wish there was an answer to your problem. Thank you for your lovely comments.

    Chris ~ Welcome and I'm pleased that you enjoyed your visit here. I look forward to reading notes from you in the future. :)