Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dark-eyed Junco

Well because I had to go to work early yesterday....called in again to change my shift. I decided that after work I would challenge myself and hike up Mt. Doug. I had heard from some of the residence in the area that there is an Owl in I thought I would try and see if I could find it. Well looks like I will have to do a few more trips into Mt Doug I had no idea that it was such a large area to explore. I did manage a decent shot of this lovely Dark-eyed Junco.....He was singing his head off wasn't too hard to find him.


  1. I love Juncos! They are one of my favorite birds to have around in the winter. So lucky you are that you have them around right now - I miss ours! BTW, I like your new header image of the Boreal Chickadee. It's very striking

  2. Thank you Heather...we have Juncos around all year round...they love my feeders in the back yard. Victoria in a way is unique with our environment.Alot of birds that should migrate end up staying here year round.Oh and thanks for the compliment on the header it was time for a change...I had to stalk that chickadee to get that shot!! :)

  3. ...our Dark-eyed Juncos have all returned up north to you! This is a beautiful different than ours.