Monday, May 25, 2009

Robbin nesting in a Hanging basket.

For my last post of the day before heading off for work. I'm working 8-4 this week Whoo Hoo no late nights this week. Anyways yesterday I went out to buy my hanging basket stuffers when I noticed this....right in the middle of the Nursery there is a female Robbin nesting in one of the Hanging baskets!! I did see the little bobble heads in there as well, but Mom quickly tucked them back sorry no shots of babies. But I thought this shot was very cool.


  1. ...lucky you! I'd love to see a nesting robin in a basket. Wonderful photo...

  2. Crista, we have regularly had Wrens and even a Mallard nesting in hanging baskets at work. The main challenge is to prevent customers wanting to purchase until the young have fledged!

  3. Wow Frank that is too wild!