Friday, May 22, 2009

The Unkown Bird!!..I Need your help Bird Bloggers!!

Ok....I need some help. I captured this bird yesterday in one of our trees outside. What initially caught my attention was the sounds it was producing. So quickly not recognizing it as a bird that visits our home I grabbed my camera. The bird was very high in the tree so the images aren't as good as I would have liked, but I have put all three up in hopes that someone out there that either follows my blog or someone passing by for a quick visit might recognize the species. I have utilized all my reference tools and exhausted my Google search last night. So can any of you help me??? :)


  1. Crista, I'm no expert on your species but this looks like a Black-headed Grosbeak to me.

  2. Frank I thought of that. I even looked up on goodle for Grosbeak's I couldn't find the picture that matched what I got. The beak didn't look right or the feather markings.I will look again. You are probably right. :)Thanks for your help.


  3. guess would be a Black-headed Grosbeak as well. He seems to have all the field marks, and when I enlarged the photo, his bill looks spot on too! Cool!!! I've never seen one in the wild...just photos.