Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sleepy....Truffles at rest

Well I'm just getting to my blog now...I have been out and about today and I'm still in the process of editing the shots I got today. But here are some pictures that I haven't had the time to get up. I thought some nice shot of small animals are in order. A lovely Mother Squirrel taking a break from her babies, Lovely baby Rabbit and my sweeeet lovable cat Truffles having a wee nap.


  1. I assume Truffles is your cat? What a great name, and a great photo to boot!

  2. Yes Heather Truffles is my lovely cat she is such a wee sweet thing. She can't go outside though she would be an instant snack for those hawks you just commneted on. Under the advise from our vet.