Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Victoria Day!!....

Happy Victoria Day!! In celebration of our Capital's special day I have posted lovely flowers to recognize our holiday. For those of you who don't know Victoria B.C, we are the capital of British Columbia and we are known for being the flower capital of Canada. So I thought it would be fitting to post flowers instead of birds for our day.


  1. Hey, sorry but can you tell me how did you get that your "reactions" thingy there...? I managed to put same kind thingy on my blog but I can't find the place I found it in the first place :/

  2. Morning Lemoncello,

    Yes I can help you. Your going to go into Customize. Then click onto your page elements once your there your going to edit your blog posts (Large box) and tick that you want page Reactions. Once you do that you can pick what kinds of reactions you want up for your Blog.

    Cheer :) I hope this helps you