Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On the Run!!

Well goodmorning everyone!!! Well I have to say that poor Victoria has been hit with constant rain since Sunday. So the opportunity to head out and go for my usual walks just hasn't happened. Plus working this week 11-1900 at the Hospital takes up large chunks of my life....I thought I would put some lovely duck shots up that I haven't had the time to post yet. I know my Weee shot of a duck on the run is blurry...but I love the light and the look on her face. She definitely didn't like the fact that I was taking her picture...desperately trying to get into the ocean where she feels safe. Her personal comfort zone. Got to appreciate that.


  1. Hi Nature, it's a lovely shot of her escaping anyway, and she definitely looks very wary indeed! Love your photographs.


  2. Well Thank you very much...she was desperately trying to get away....I did leave her alone after that event.I didn't want to stress her anymore than necessary.