Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Fantastic Find...a Bushtit's Nest being built

Wow what a day!! I found a bushtit's nest being built by the lucky couple. It took many many shots and walking all the way home to get more batteries. Then heading back for more shots. Bushtits are actually just as small as hummingbirds, and they use almost the same concepts with building materials. Spiderwebs, moss, flowers, wee sticks. As a matter of fact as the Bushtit's went off to get more building material along came a Anna Hummingbird and actually took things from their nest for her own!!. I totally laughed when I saw her do it. Here is a snap of her approaching the nest. I was too slow to get the next set of shots of her taking things off the nest...but my story will help as to why she is approaching the nest.

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