Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The African Tortoise ~ My wee little face

Ok so my first day back to work was not fun. My desk was a nightmare!! things where not organized and my leg was not happy sitting for great lengths of time! I did prop it up on a stool but that really didn't help much. By the end of the day I was limping quite badly. But because I have no sick time left ....I must push on..sigh the life of a martyr!! LOL
But on with the wonderful turtles here. Did you know that the African Tortoise is one of the third larges turtles in the world!! They are so beautiful I just love turtles. To be able to carry their homes on their backs would be interesting indeed....but their soft solitary nature just captivates me.


  1. I was wondering how you made out with your leg. Keep it up as much as you can...I left a long comment on my blog for you. Since you like turtles. there is a gadget with 2 moving turtles and you just click your mouse to feed them. It is quite cute...I don't know if you have seen it. If you want to add it go into customize,,,do a gadget search and voila it should be there...Love the photos. Take care.

  2. Thanks Cinner...I will check your comment tomorrow morning before I go to work or even tonight before I go to bed. I'm still at work and don't get done until 7pm.

    Me :)