Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thistle N The Moth

If you look carefully you can see in the bottom picture here that it's tongue is reaching for a taste!! Very cool shot.

Butterflies and Moths are so unique in their own ways aren't they. Moths I have found have a very powdery look to them when you take their pictures and not at time as striking as the Butterfly. But what are the differences other than size and colour? That is the hot question of the day....Other than species what are the true differences I certainly can't tell unless I take a course that tells me. They both do the same things really...they suck nectar from flowers and lay eggs. So for those of you who are smart leave me a comment and tell me what the real difference between a moth and a Butterfly are I would love to know! :)


  1. I love the color of that thistle!! As for the differences.....I know a few little differences like most butterflies have knobs at the end of their antenna and most moths either have feathery or plain antenna, and most moths fly at night and butterflies in the day (but I know there are also A LOT of exceptions). Most butterflies rest with the wings up and moths with the wings down... Most butterflies have thin hairless bodies and moths fat furry bodies.... but I don't know the "real" differences! It will be interesting to see what the experts say!

  2. Thanks Kelly yes it would be nice to hear from someone who might know more that I. Not that I'm lazy and wouldn't want to spend hours googling the information but your anology of the two species seems just as good...wouldn't you agree?

  3. ...I don't think so.....I only know the things we learned as kids in our science class! I need to get a book and start learning about them! (Love that little seal in your most recent post!) :-)