Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zebra Finches ~ Note: My own oppinions are stated in this post. Not intended to offend anyone :)

There is an old saying you should be careful what you wish for...These wonderful Zebra finches are tropical birds aren't they lovely. I took these shots in Butterfly world. I guess you could consider this artificial environment conducive to a nice home for them. It was definitely hot in there and they all were jumping and beeping around happy as can be. These little birds can also be purchased again from our lovely pet stores....they are lovely birds. Also these finches know no other life..they are born in artificial environments so their happiness is what they know. But when I know that in the wild natural world, I'm sure they are truly happy to be free to fly for miles. I don't condone what we do...zoos, artificial environments, aviaries, Aquariums all have a place for nature. Conservatories actually provide a safe place for animals that are on the brick of extinction and allows us the ability to study animals more closely to see if we can rectify the problems and to facilitate bring the species back. Sometimes we succeed others not so much. I guess my point in this post is that as much as I hate human intrusions into nature and the fact that most of the species that have become endangered has come from our own doing....There are alot of us that are trying to make a difference in helping solve the problems that we have created. To those of us I say Thank you...


  1. I agree with you the natural environment is the best. I do have a bird. My neighbor phoned one day and he no longer wanted his bird. So he has been here for about 5 years. What bothers me are the people that get pets and just decide they no longer want them. I do take my bird outside in his cage in the summer, the other birds show up and they chirp back and forth....I love the new look for your blog and now I know what you look like. Take care and keep doing your good work. cinner

  2. I agree 100% and whole-heartedly with what you say Crista. Birds like Cockatoos are now virtually extinct because of the human trade in them. That's why Mai was not in a cage - I found her as a baby after she fell out of the nest and she was reared to be free - free to stay or free to go. I really don't believe in keeping anything in a cage.

    Good post.


  3. Cinner and Maree ~ Thank you for your support. There are alot of things I could rant about. But I try to hold my tongue in check most of the time. But sometimes like today for instance things just leak out!!

    Maree I'm proud of you even though Mia might not come back to still raised it wild. You gave the bird a choice....and in the same breath saved it's life. Cockatoos are very smart she won't forget you Maree. How could she I can alread tell your a lovely soul. Even living as far away as Canada. :)