Monday, July 13, 2009

Red Dragonfly ~ Macro Shot ~ Stunning

Well l'm off to work today after being home for two weeks recovering from Surgery. Boy does the time fly by or what? But I have a very lovely story to tell about my adventures capturing these shots. On Saturday some of you already know that I had gone out with my youngest Corey and that we had a fabulous day. What you didn't know was this story...the story of a young boy laughing hoping his mom would fall into the pond as she scaled rocks, balancing on the balls of her feet and favoring her bad let to get these shots. I told him to stop wishing for my fall and he should support me ....ahhhhh but the laughter continued. It was a cute scene, I guess you had to be there to enjoy the whole special moment of it. A memory that Corey will always have. He told Kenton all about it when he got home on Sunday and of course Kenton started to laugh too!


  1. Love the story and the photo is just fabulous. Good luck back at work. Time does fly does'nt it! Take care, cinner

  2. Stunning colour on that 'dragon' Crista. I'm still trying to picture your balancing act...I'm smiling but quite laughing, just glad to hear you are back enjoying the outdoors. Lol FAB

  3. I hope your leg survived its first day back at work Crista.

    Stunning photos of a stunning dragon. Worth the effort. One way or another you all seemed to have enjoyed the experience anyway. :)

  4. Cinner thank you and I'm at work on my break checking out the mail. My leg is humming a loud toone right now..sigh**

    Frank nice to hear from you and yes the Raspberries are all gone. Yes I did save my HTML but couldn't find it when I needed it ....still have no clue where it went would you? Ahhhh I'm glad you like my little story..I could just picture you sitting with Corey laughing was quite the scene. LOL

    John thank you work was painful my leg very much reminded me I should still be at home.

  5. Lovely Macro Images,love Dragonflies.
    Well done Crista.

  6. John ~ Thank you very much!! Dragonflies are very cool bugs I have to say. I didn't know that until I started taking pictures of them.