Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dynamic Images of Flower Backs

In the top Image I was trying for a more mystical look...dreamy if you will with Macro and the sun hitting the flower from the front.

Goodmorning and I'm up bright and early today....time for some flower shots again. You have to admit that Summer time is the best time for flowers, so we have got to get as many as we can before they all die off. In these four pictures I was trying to capture a certain mood by using the sun as my advantage. What I love about flowers like this one here is that the back is just as beautiful as the front and if you get the light just right you can get a very dreamy look sort of mystical. I feel that I achieved that feel in the top two pictures. Tell me what you think?


  1. ...I think you succeeded. Cool...you've inspired me to try a bit with flowers. :-)

  2. Thanks Kelly!! I will keep a watch out on your blog for some flower shots. :)

  3. I really like the first couple, somehow all soft and dreamy like. Maybe I will try to shoot the back of flowers. Take care

  4. it's a good work ! sometime the flower b/n is a very cool!

    ps. nice background for your blog! :-)

  5. Cinner I look forward to seeing some lovely flower shots.

    Claudio ~ Thank you for your lovely comments. Yes I agree that B/W shots are quite effective at displaying light in a different way.