Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mellow Yellow

Morning everyone!! Ahhhhh Victoria reached a lovely 27 yesterday..nice. My son and I went out and had a fabulous day together. My oldest Kenton had gone to Salt's Spring Island for a soccer sleep over camp, so Corey and I had some quality time together it was great. Here are some of my fabulous shots of some summer flowers that I took in my favorite spot!! The UVIC Gardens...I just love that place so much to see and it changes everyday.


  1. I have a friend who used to live on salt spring Island. Her family is still there. It is just a beautiful place isn't it. Now the purple ball....what is it? I saw 2 ladybugs in my yard today...It was beautiful here so was outside most of the day. Take care, I like your new header, but I liked the last one too.
    Big Hug.

  2. Yes it is a lovely place to go especially in the summer Cinner, but you probably know that already :) Excellent that you found two ladybugs in your yard today...I have yet to see them in mine...sigh** I hope you had a lovely weekend with your family I sure did. Well I'm back to work tomorrow after having two weeks off. My leg is still giving me some problems but I think I can manage...we will soon find out!


  3. Oh Cinner I forgot the Large Purple Ball is a species of Thistle...don't know the exact name of it...but a thistle none the less