Friday, July 3, 2009

Fabulous Fruit Fridays!!! ~ Watermelon moisture

Hello and yet again it's Fabulous Fruit Friday. Nothing signifies summer like Watermelon does!! I'm personally allergic but my boys love it. Did you know that Latex is associated with melons....yep I have a severe latex allergy blisters on contact. Melons have always made me feel sick.the smell and when I was younger they made me gage. Now I know why, my body was naturally telling me that eating these foods will make me very ill.. too bad we don't listen to our bodies more often. Oh I got side tracked here sorry :) I couldn't decide which picture to pick today so I put up cute shot of my son Kenton eating Enjoy your day everyone.


  1. I had no idea latex and melons were related with regards to allergic reactions. I'm thankful I'm not allergic. Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits! Yummy photos....

  2. there you go... I've just learned something new. I had no idea about melons and latex.
    What a very inconvenient thing to be allergic to.
    Melons are the best, but hey I'm allergic to shellfish and people tell me that I'm missing out and I can't stand the stuff :-)

    great shots.
    best wishes

  3. Yes alot of people love melon....I don't feel like I'm really missing out on much..and Ribbon that's a shame that you are allergic to Shellfish...I love sea food. But Shellfish is an extremely common allergy as well as nuts and dairy. At the hospital you would be surpised at the amount of people who are allergic to just those three things.