Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Most Popular bits on FLICKR

When I started my blog I aslo started with Flickr. Just like you Flickr has seen me grow as a photographer, but most of you who fallow my blog now have never seen, or have viewed my beginning shots. Like the Seal head shot in the middle here is now one of the most popular shots I have, as well as this little hummingbird shot I got the other day. I wanted to share with all of you these top three images. I didn't add the Macro butterfly shot simply because all of you have already just recently viewed the image in a past post. The butterfly is in the top shots as well. I'm proud of what I have accomplished and I wanted to share this accomplishment with all of you who fallow me everyday. Thank you for all your support and I value your comments everyday.


  1. Crista, I'm impressed with all these changes to your blog - Well done.
    Sorry I haven't commented lately but having difficulty accessing certain blogs via laptop at home so have done this one at work!
    Have a great holiday adventure. Lol FAB

  2. Oh Frank so nice to hear from you :) Thank you I'm planning to really expand my photography field of work. I want to focus more on Scenic shots when I travel, something I think I need more practice with ect. You haven't been posting as much on your blog I imagine you have been very does that doesn't it.

  3. I can see why they are popular Crista. The seal is a real cracker of a photo.

  4. Beautiful, I am so excited for you going up to Whistler, I will be waiting. Have a wonderful time. Be careful with your leg. have fun

  5. John ~ Thank you no has ever said my picture is a real Cracker of a photo before! :) I hope you come along with me on my trip that would be cool.

    Cinner ~ I have not a doubt in my mind that you will be with me..and thank you for your concern for my leg..It is still sore which worries me a little. I'm such an active person to be strapped with a sore leg won't make me happy with all my hiking plans. Looking forward to you coming along.