Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Morning Coffee ~ Happy Fourth of July to My American Neighbours

Goodmorning and I would first like to say Happy Fourth of July to my American Neighbours!! I hope all of you have a lovely holiday. Well this morning I was enjoying my morning coffee in the back yard. Wow I have just recently changed my seed mix...what a difference. I haven't seen this variety of birds in a very long time. Not including the Squirrel that was at one of the feeders too...little monkey. Finally after the nesting season the American Golden finches have made an appearance. I also got a shot of a baby Red-breasted Nuthatch!! I haven't seen them around lately it was a real treat to see them today. I did take alot of snaps of the Nuthatch but the one I posted was the only one that turned out. I will have to try again with capturing it's beauty. Some house sparrows came as well today. Plus the little chickadee's are here. I have changed my suet blend as well...seems to be an instant hit. By the water fountain I captured a chipping sparrow and on the Pot pond a lovely male House finch....I would have gotten some hummingbird shots as well today. Unfortunately their morning was spent fighting over the flowers and surgar water....Too fast for me today that's for sure!!


  1. I've just posted a much overdue thank you to you for that lovely award you shared with me some weeks ago.
    Come read and enjoy when you can.

    x Ribbon

  2. Lovely post Crista! All those birds...

  3. Ribbon I check it out and again thank you very much!!

    Kelly your so welcome I hope you had a great holiday yesterday!

    Maree Thank you and is Mia come home yet?

    Yes thanks BrianWorker I forgot to add the Sparrow into my blog post...Good eye

  4. Thanks for thinking of your American friends. And Happy belated Canada Day to you! I'm glad you're seeing a better mix of birds at your feeders! I love that little baby Red-breasted Nuthatch... and the squirrel ("little monkey" is right! Oh they are so naughty!).

  5. Ahhh you have a very good idea at how naughty those squirrels are I've seen it for myself on your blog site. Today you will get a laugh out of this. We have gray and native brown (black) squirrels on this Island. It's the gray one that tries to be inconspicuous...likes to saunter over to the seed feeders thinking I can't see him...tries to been sneaky when leaping onto the feeders and looks right at me...the look saying you really don't see me and no I'm not eating this seed. It's a game he plays with me...some days I leave him alone and others I speak to him. "Yes I can see you now get off that seed feeder!" He then leaps off and runs away while I laugh my head off.

  6. Yes, they really are bold. Our squirrels have pretty much gotten to the point that if I tap on the window, they get off the feeder and walk to the edge of the deck railing, but don't bother leaping into the trees b/c they know I'm not a real threat. Opening the patio door seems to send them into the trees, but not for long. Oh well.