Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 7 ~ Forest Fires ~ Aftermath of a Lightning Storm

Well last night we had another Thunder and Lightning bad that it started three separate fires on Blackcomb mountain....When we woke this morning the sky was filled with smoke and has been that way all day while the battle the fires. We are to get another storm tomorrow and the fire crews that are working the mountain right now are worried about the risk of more. Right now they haven't shut down access to Whistler Mountain keeping the Peak to Peak lifts open. But Blackcomb is currently closed...for the safety of all. So because of the air quality we decided to take a drive to Lilloet. Lilloet is one of the oldest communities in British Columbia. The St'at'imc people have lived in this part of the world for over 8,000 years, thriving on abundant Fraser River salmon and the bounty of the land. But during the 1850's and 1860's changed everything. The Cariboo Gold Rush!!! The first trail to the cariboo gold fields came through Lilloet causing the town to boom during this time with 13 Saloons and 25 licensed premises...Wow what a place Lilloet would have been!! So because of the quality of the air today I'm posting some more shots I have taken around Whistler....The Dragonfly above I took in flight!! There are alot of marshes here and the opportunity to get shots of them flying is great and I took on the Challenge.

Above are some shots of a wee little bird...I didn't recognize the song, but easily located the birds by tracking it. I have to admit though my Husband and I have noticed that there isn't alot of birds here...the forests sound dead. Chris was the first one to point this fact out to me. Do you hear that he I hear nothing. Exactly nothing where are the birds? Is it the heat or that we are so far up into the interior of BC? It really shouldn't matter...or is it our environment? Again I could ask these questions all night...but I'm not Scientist to be able to determine where the wild life is going...

These next two shots are of the storm clouds that were gathering last night before the storm...the one at the top I was practicing light play and the one here at the bottom, is an image I wanted to experiment on and play with the look of the image...I think it looks Photo shop..just adjusted the exposure a bit.


  1. You never cease to amaze me. the last picture is absolutely incredible and so is the dragonfly...When I win a lottery I am going to get a better camera. Your family sounds wonderful too.

  2. My goodness! This trip has turned into a total adventure. Now huge lighting strikes and fires. Take care... Your sky shots are incredible.

  3. very cool photos, the sky and the dragonfly is very good shot! complments!

  4. Well done on capturing the dragon in flight. If they are anything like ours they don't hang around - always on the move.
    Great atmospheric sky shots. The second one is a real beauty.
    Hope the fires keep well away from you. Some adventures you could do without!

  5. What a stunning photograph of the dragonfly! I've photographed them in flight before and it's virtually impossible. Well done.

  6. Krista....I forgot to mention. There is a chance your mystery bird might be a juvenile White-crowned Sparrow. They don't have the white stripes at first.

  7. That is a terrific dragonfly shot in flight! I have a terrible time catching them flying. Is your bird possibly a White Crown Sparrow? I think I can just barely see stripes on his head. Wonderful sky shots! That fire sounds scary. I hope it doesn't do too much damage. I think that I fear fire more than anything else.

  8. Crista, your vacation has turned out to be quite the adventure!! I'm glad you made it safely down that mountain. All of your photos have been incredible, especially of the falls. It's a very beautiful place that you are in!

  9. Hello everyone!!! Well in most locations the fires are under control. But in Lilloet where we were yesterday in some areas of the town they have started evacuations...the fire there has gotten a little out of control.

    Mary and Kelly thank you I believe that the bird now that you have pointed it out is a Juvenile White Crowned sure has a beautiful song doesn't it.

    Claudio ~ Thank you very much :)

    Maree and Cinner ~ When I read your comments you make me smile :)

    John ~ Thanks I'm determined to make my camera really work!! and I'm trying so hard to make the light I capture do what I hope it will do...but I'm still frustrated with some of the results I've been getting here. You would be amazed with the amount of pictures I delete...Wow amazing amount just not great or putting the mountains in a haze... Practice, Practice and more Practice. :)

    Heather ~ Yes my vacation has been very exciting hasn't it? LOL Maybe a bit much...I'm resting for the next couple of feet and legs are accually sore :)