Friday, July 17, 2009

Fabulous Fruit Fridays!!! ~ The Golden Kiwi's

Another Friday and another Fruit!!! The Golden Kiwi...I love this fruit. I prefer the golden only because it has a taste like pineapple. It has a fresh taste....I do enjoy the green variety as well but if your not careful you get a bitter one and the green can frequently be tasteless. So the golden is the best way to go according to my tongue!! :) Also I wanted to let all of you know that there will be no postings this weekend, I will be attempting again to change the look of my blog. I'm just not happy with the layout of this Template and with the help of some great people with wonderful instructions I'm going to try again. Thank you to Frank from the Early Birder and Cinner for you wonderful help!! Maybe with three heads I can get this task done.


  1. good luck with it all. I will check next week to see how you made out. Take care, cinner

  2. Interesting! I ate only green kiwi :-)

  3. Cinner ~ Thanks I'm going to need it.

    Sergey ~ You should try the golden...more flavor!! you'll like it trust me :)