Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 5 ~ Family outing Nairn Falls Provincial Park

Another hot day!! The temp got up to yet 40 degrees again, this is the third day in a row. The heat is not loving me I have to tell you. Last night I had to soak my hands in cold water to get my wedding bands off and a ring off my right hand as well. My hands are swelling so bad that my rings were cutting off the circulation in my fingers. I have never taken my Wedding bands off since I got married a very unusual feeling when your so use to them being there. But it had to be hands today are twice as swollen as yesterday....glad my rings are off. But onto a better note the family went out for a drive today and we went to this wonderful Park. Nairn Falls was established in 1966 to protect this area's Natural and cultural history. Nairn Falls is the spiritual site of the Lil'wat Nation and part of the trail to the falls is a traditional rouite that was used by the Lil'wat people to access the falls and Mount Currie. These falls are a dramatic example of the erosive power of water. Notice the potholes created in the rocks as the water spins trapped particles in ever-deepening circles.

As you can see in the next three photographs I really tried to show you the realistic erosive views of the rocks. The picture immediately below is the exact photo as the description above. I hope you have the same awe and feeling of amazement as we did by coming and experiencing this awesome scene before your eyes. So cool to see this kind of rock Erosion and the spiritual surroundings of the Lil'wat Nations. Very humbling....

The bowl above was really interesting to stand and the water poured down from the falls the water seemed to catch here and swirl around a few times before pouring out the spout...just such a neat thing to see.

This middle image above was between the rocks and the wonderful misty spray of the water was a wonderful image...kinda mystical.


  1. Absolutely breathtaking! Especially the last photo. when I am swollen up I put lemon juice in my water. it may help...unless your allergic tolemons. Take care.

  2. You certainly captured the magic & facinating power of water. Hope your hands recover today.

  3. Incredible.....thank you for taking the time to get all of this information down! Breathtaking....

  4. Cinner ~ Thank you and I will start adding lemon juice to my water I'm willing to try anything to get the swelling down in my hands and feet.

    Frank Thanks I have been trying really hard to try to capture the power of water. I'm glad you are enjoying the shots.

    Kelly ~ I'm enjoying this alot and I'm glad that all of you get the opportunity to travel with me this year and experience the should come to B.C and explore :)

  5. What an intersting falls! Very beautiful. I sympathize about the rings. My fingers swell in summer and I have had to have my wedding ring sized larger and take off another ring in the summer that I usually wear. I hate heat! It causes me all sorts of skin problems, too. I came in late on this story, but am enjoying it.