Monday, July 6, 2009

Shades of White ~ White N Wet

Well I woke this morning to black clouds and rain..ahhhh at last we haven't seen a rain drop in over a month here in Victoria. The ground is hungry for water...which will be a lovely change to the dry heat we have been having. Nothing more refreshing than to walk outside after a heavy rain fall. The air smells and tastes so clean...I love that! So today is about Shades of White and how we see it in the Natural world not in a paint store with swatches!! I love flowers they are so unique in every way....not one is like the other in color or texture. I found trying to photograph white flowers though a challenge. If you don't have the light just right you see not an ounce of detailing of the flower which I had never realized until I took some snaps....these are the best of my Shades of white!


  1. Beautiful photos on this blog! Very lovely.

  2. Thank you very much TechnoBabe for your lovely comment.