Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 2 ~ Day of Hiking ~ Wow my feet are sore~ :Part 1

To compliment the first posting for today the added images I saw on my hike were: Rocky images, wonderful mountain views, water reflections my list goes on and on. In the first two images you will see some nice scenic images. One on this old tree that I find amazingly enough growing through the rocks you can see it's trunk curled around the rock to secure it's self impressive and I have also provided in the posting above a more detailed shot of the tree. In the second shot is a wonderful image of a lake just a short jaunt from the hotel that I'm staying in. I love the color of the water so green from the glacier run off....and icy cold Wow... The children as I type this blog post are with Chris right now at the lake...Nice
These next three posts are what I would call the aftermath look of a Thunder and Lightning storm. Yep I got to see a great one last night just after finishing my first post. I was so impressed with the color of the sky that I had to share these wicked shots with all of you. Have you ever seen a sky look like this???? Wow is all I can say. Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to get outside before the sky opened up for the lightning shots..but I'm told it happens up here alot, so you never know I may get some shots of a storm yet :)


  1. Looks just as though the clouds are on fire - awesome.

  2. Beautiful, you are definately in Gods country. I wondered if your feet were gonna be sore. I admire you for what your doing and am living vicariously through you this week.

  3. Morning John ~ Yes the clouds definatly looked on fire didn't they!! I thought the shots were really cool glad you liked them :)

    Morning Cinner ~ Yes I would have to agree with you that I'm in God's country...hahahh my feet even though I got top of the line hiking foot wear you feet have a way of telling you otherwise don't they? Living Vicariously through me are you :) Well I'm glad that you are puts a smile on my face.