Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 4 ~ Morning Hike ~ Happy Birthday Corey

Well just like I had wanted too I started my day very early, and I did. My son Corey turned 10 today and he actually decided to join me today and he did fantastic today. I'm so proud of him. To show you how far we hiked today I took a picture of the map we used. We started at the P at the bottom of the page...then hiked up to the Suspension Bridge. It took the two of us about an hour and a half to reach the top. Plus another hour and a half back down. For a 10 year old that is a huge hike. I did take a video of the river, but for whatever reason Blogger wouldn't up load it. It's in quick time. If any one knows how to do this I would love the help.

The top three pictures here are pictures that I took by scaling rocks to get good images of the run off of the Glacier waters. This is the Cheakamus River and the water runs extremely fast and dangerous...definitely not a river you would want to fall into. You would die instantly..because of the high currents and rocks that you would surely hit. Not including the very icy water...hypothermia would be fast on your tail if you didn't hit a rock right away. Very scary to look at water like this feeling and seeing the force of it all.

When we finally hit the top the bridge you can see that Corey ran right out onto it to see the river from it's highest point. He couldn't believe that he had actually made it. He was so proud of himself :) So he should be to be able to keep up to his hiking maniac Mom ... LOL

To get ready for the Olympics there have been allot of beautiful carved rocks with images into them everywhere...this trail is no exception. This rock at the bottom marks the top and the end of this particular crossing. Very lovely.


  1. Just beautiful and so exciting that you could be there doing that with your son. I would not be good on the suspension bridge. I sure admire you for whaat you do though crista. Take care.

  2. Hi Crista. What a faboulous walk. Please say belated Happy Birthday to Corey from me.
    Lol Frank.

  3. Beautiful photos of beautiful scenery. Three hours is a good long walk for a youngster. I bet he slept well after that.

    I had a look to see if there are any restrictions on uploading video files but I couldn't seen any. Maybe Google, where the videos are stored, was having one of its glitches when you tried. One or two other sites disappeared for a while yesterday but are back to normal today.

  4. What a lovely hike, and a good chance for you to spend some time with the birthday boy. Happy birthday, Corey! Good for him for making such a long hike - he should be proud of himself!

  5. Hi Crista, some lovely photographs to paint again! I want to say thank you for awarding me the Kreativ Blogger Award and have at last had time to nominate my 7 inspirational bloggers (7 is not actually enough!) You can go to http://artandcreativity-maree.blogspot.com/2009/07/blogger-award.html to view the post.


  6. What a great hike and such a wonderful memory for your son! 10 years old... double digits... that's big!
    The photographs are beautiful, you captured the power of the water very well. The two of you had a lovely day to go hiking, beautiful sunshine.

  7. Hello everyone!!! I'm glad you all enjoyed Corey's and my Hike, and I wished him a Happy Birthday from all of you. He accually blushed and thought your well wishes were so nice. Thank you for doing that, it was so nice and to a 10 year old very appriciated :) Yes Corey slept very well and we had a hard time getting him out of bed today. Usually he's the first one up and going ..but not today!! Hahahah :) I should hike him up mountains more often. LOL