Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 3 ~ My Walk Around Green Lake ~ Part 1

Well we woke up got organized and headed out to check out Green lake. Green Lake is one of the lakes around Whistler that receives water from the Glaciers. The water that flows into the lake is bright green. As the morning progressed so did the temperature. It hit 39 degrees before 10am. Too warm for hands have puffed up and I was so hot that holding my camera became an instant challenge. My hands had started to sweat...I couldn't hold the camera as steady as I would have liked.
In the image above you can see the green water flowing into the lake...very neat. My family left me here as they went to find a nice location to swim. Hiking isn't their sweet hubby doesn't like hiking as I explore the mountains of Whistler over the next week and a half I will be on my own now, while everyone else does what they like which is's too bad that no one from my family likes to hike and explore..... but you can't have everything in life can you...

Here is a shot in the inner channel flowing into the lake so lush of an image.

So due to the high temperatures here I will have to head out even earlier to get the hiking in before the Mid day Sun and Heat hit me like a wall. Even with the water that I bring and drink the amount of sweat your loosing dehydrates you in no time. I don't want to be stuck too far from anyone without water to drink or the protection of trees for shade. That would not be good. I'm hoping to head out this evening for a small stroll there is a trail I would like to hike, hopefully the temperature will be a bit more bearable.


  1. I am thinking Lord be careful. I think I would be a gonner in 39 degrees. Congratulations on your award. Take care, cinner

  2. Super images of your current location. The water bird looks like a Merganser. Have fun & mind the temperatures. Congrats on the Award. Cheers FAB.

  3. Cinner ~ Thank you I wasn't expecting another award it was a complete surprise. Ahhhh I was a gonner in 39 degrees don't you worry...I have melted at least four times today

    Frank ~ Thank you and thank you for the name of the Bird...I will have to goole it because I still don't know what it is.