Thursday, July 9, 2009

Scottish Thistle ~ Macro shot

Yesterday I was finally able to go for a decent walk...ohhhh it felt good to stretch my sore leg. There were a few times it reminded me that it was there...when I climbed up on some rocks to get better angled shots...or when I twisted wrong...but I just stopped and took a breath and carried on!!. I ran across alot of nice things yesterday. This was quite a find I haven't run into such a large patch of lovely Scottish Thistle in a long time. I love this plant for many it's beautiful. Two when it has gone to seed so many birds benefit from it's seeds. Provides that important food source in the summer when everything has dried up and there isn't too many options out there for them. Plus the birds help the plant to spread around. Win win if you as me!! Plus it's the National Symbol for Scotland!!!

1 comment:

  1. Crista, beautiful finds when you were out on your walk. The colors in your photos are beautiful. Take good care of your leg so you can keep doing what you do so well. Take care